Item category is not defined – Message No. VL324

When you edit delivery items on a detail screen with Transaction VL01N or VL02N, the system displays error message VL324:”Item category & is not defined”.
– Message VL324 is issued when creating a delivery.
– Error message VL324 occurs in transaction VL01N.
– Batch split determination causes error message VL324.
– Error “Item category & is not defined” is received when trying to create a delivery with a batch item.


Use customizing menu path:

(Table: T184L)  SPRO -> Logistics Execution -> Shipping -> Deliveries -> Define Item Category Determination in Deliveries

– Choose the delivery type (field LFART) of the delivery you are creating or editing;
– Choose the Item category group (field MTPOS), the value that has been maintained on the Material Master -> Sales view 2;

Check if you have a record with “CHSP” usage! Probably you don’t have this record.

The entry should appear similar to below:

DlvT   ItCG    Usg    ItmC   ItmC
——  ——     ——-  ——   ——
LF    Norm   CHSP           TAN