User Profile not defined in LRFMD – Message No. LF192

When user is accessing transaction code LM00 and getting an error message “User XXX has no profile definition

User XXX has no profile definition

Message No. LF192


Please follow the below steps to create the new entry in LFRMD to resolve this error.

Step 1 : Go to Transaction code : LFRMD and click the “Change” icon like below

Step 2 : Select the line item “Assignment user and queue”,which needs to copied and click the “copy” button

Step 3 : After copied the required entry, remove the copied user and enter the “new user” and then press enter

Step 4 : New entry was created with new user, now SAVE the data.

Data was SAVED in LRFMD

Step 5 : Now check the LM00, user will not get the error.