SAP SD – Sales & Distribution

Serial number status change

What is Serial Number management in SAP ?

The SAP serial number functionality allow us to managing serialized stock material keeping. SAP Serial number management is mainly focuses on Inventory tracking. Always the material number and serial number combination is unique in system. The SAP serial number component contributes in following business area.


SAP SD – Special Processing Indicator

The Special Processing Indicator defines the mode of shipment to be used for an order and applies the corresponding shipping costs based on the mode used. Express shipping or special tariffs are forms of special processing. 


SAP SD Tables

Sales and distribution tables comprises of Sales, Billing, Delivery, Copy control and other linking tables. These tables are necessary for all the basic activities in sales and distribution. It is always better to have a copy of these tables with us. Below are the tables which we normally use in the sales and distribution process.