SAP MM – Material Management

General item category group and Item category group in Material Master

Item Category Group

This indicator is part of the link between the material master and the sales document. When you create a sales document item for this material, the combination of the item category group and the sales document type determine the item category. You can find this field on the Sales: Sales Org Data 2.


SAP MM Tables

Following tables are used in material management, Below tables are from Material, vendor, purchasing, inventory and invoice verification.


SAP Shipping Point Determination

In SAP Shipping Point determined automatically via customization. You are still able to change the shipping point proposed by the system in Sales order (sales document) or Stock transfer Oorder (STO).

Closing or opening periods in SAP – MM FI CO

Steps for opening and closing Period – MM FI CO

As many of us struggle with changing periods in our DEV and QA environments, here is quick reference for opening and closing period. In doubt, please consult with your FI/CO expert.