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Download the Log from SLG1 / SLGD to local file

Recently i had a task to find some system logs in the SAP. I found the requested data only in SLG1 transaction. I faced dificulties during downlading information to PC. If you know there is not possible to download full report. I mean you don’t have standart posibilities to extract header and item level to local file. You can download only Item level:

SAP Transport ALV layout

These days I happened to have the requirement that to copy SAP standard report and add some other function. But during test, I found that the original logic to get value depends on ALV layout. So we need to maintain the layout in each system which is not convenient. After some search, I find a way to transport ALV layout into prod. system.

How to Restart SAP Workflow

There are situations in a support project, where a workflow will fail in error status. This may be due to not maintaining the required data in some table. After maintaining the data correctly you may need to restart the workflow again. Now we can see how to restart SAP Workflow. Below are the two ways on how to restart a SAP workflow.


How to Forward Workflow work Item in SAP

In Support projects, we will often need to forward the work items from one person inbox to another. The reason may the person who needs to approve the work item may be on leave. So the below post will provide you the knowledge on how to forward workflow work item in SAP.


SAP GUI Shortcodes

SAP GUI shortcodes is increasing work speed with SAP. And here is a short note with all possible shortcodes. (more…)