SAP Transport ALV layout

These days I happened to have the requirement that to copy SAP standard report and add some other function. But during test, I found that the original logic to get value depends on ALV layout. So we need to maintain the layout in each system which is not convenient. After some search, I find a way to transport ALV layout into prod. system.

Item category is not defined – Message No. VL324

When you edit delivery items on a detail screen with Transaction VL01N or VL02N, the system displays error message VL324:”Item category & is not defined”.
– Message VL324 is issued when creating a delivery.
– Error message VL324 occurs in transaction VL01N.
– Batch split determination causes error message VL324.
– Error “Item category & is not defined” is received when trying to create a delivery with a batch item.

SAP Debug Tips

The ABAP Debugger is used tool to execute and analyze programs line by line. Using it we can check the flow logic of a program and display runtime values of the variables. Currently, SAP offers two types of Debuggers:
• The Classic ABAP Debugger
• The New ABAP Debugger
The Classic ABAP Debugger, with its old user interface and its limitations to debug certain types of ABAP program is now not in use by many new and old ABAP developers. (more…)

SAP Intrasstat

Intrastat reporting is a legally required report for all European Union (EU) countries. It is also mandatory for all companies that have a Value Added Tax (VAT) declaration number in an EU country and a turnover over a certain threshold. (There are two thresholds: one for revenue and one for the purchasing value). All goods movements related to sales orders and purchase orders (i.e., all cross-border goods flows within the EU) must be reported in Intrastat. You can find the data used for the Intrastat reports on the foreign trade views of sales orders, sales invoices, purchase orders and purchase invoices. In SAP responsible two modules SD-FT-GOV and MM-FT-GOV.

EU companies must complete two Intrastat reports: one for the goods receipts and one report for dispatches. The most important data on both reports are the product’s value and weight.

How to Restart SAP Workflow

There are situations in a support project, where a workflow will fail in error status. This may be due to not maintaining the required data in some table. After maintaining the data correctly you may need to restart the workflow again. Now we can see how to restart SAP Workflow. Below are the two ways on how to restart a SAP workflow.


Serial number status change

What is Serial Number management in SAP ?

The SAP serial number functionality allow us to managing serialized stock material keeping. SAP Serial number management is mainly focuses on Inventory tracking. Always the material number and serial number combination is unique in system. The SAP serial number component contributes in following business area.