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Intrastat reporting is a legally required report for all European Union (EU) countries. It is also mandatory for all companies that have a Value Added Tax (VAT) declaration number in an EU country and a turnover over a certain threshold. (There are two thresholds: one for revenue and one for the purchasing value). All goods movements related to sales orders and purchase orders (i.e., all cross-border goods flows within the EU) must be reported in Intrastat. You can find the data used for the Intrastat reports on the foreign trade views of sales orders, sales invoices, purchase orders and purchase invoices. In SAP responsible two modules SD-FT-GOV and MM-FT-GOV.

EU companies must complete two Intrastat reports: one for the goods receipts and one report for dispatches. The most important data on both reports are the product’s value and weight.

The central SAP cockpit transaction is ENGR:

or direct transaction: ENPA

The two “special reports” (transactions VI98 and VI99) can be called from header menu or through the SAP GUI Command Field.
Transaction VI98:

Transaction VI99:

Export / Dispatch = goods delivery from the reporting country
Import / Receipt = goods delivery into the reporting country

We talk about dispatch is when the goods are delivered from one EU-country to a goods recipient in another EU-country.
We talk about receipt when goods are delivered into an EU-country by a vendor from another EU-country.

In SAP the creation of Intrastat reports has three steps:
1. Manually select the data to be reported. The data that you select is stored in an intermediate table VEIAV.

Test run:

Update run(Productive run):

Go to “Incompletion log” tab:

Try to enter the missing data (the VEIAV table will be updated only):

2. Create an intermediate file. Once your data do not contain any incompletions and there is green status you can proceed further:
Hit the button “Create file/diskette”

Enter file name for Output

3. The file can be saved locally by the user and sent to the authorities.
Create diskette



Report Transaction Comments
RMEXST00 VI99 Intrastat Data Selection: Arrivals – Purchase Orders
RMIMST00 MEIS Purchase Orders
RVEXST00 VE01 Dispatches to customers (“Dispatches”) / Returns from customers (“Arrivals”)
RVIVST00 VI98 Dispatches of another company code to customers (“Arrivals”)
RVEXPAID Intrastat: Paper version for Receipt / Dispatch
RVEXDAID Intrastat: File Creation for Receipt / Dispatch. Generates UNIX file.
RVEXNAID Intrastat transfers file to diskette or hard disk.

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File Description File size
pdf Periodic Declarations _EN_SD-FT-GOV 505 KB

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