How to delete material revision level in SAP

The SAP revision levels are typically used to identify that smaller changes to the material have been done like updating specifications, updating drawing information (but no changes that would change the form of the product). A revision level is set for the material at client level, it’s shown in almost all the views of the material master right under the material number. The revision level is available in the BOM, MD04, PR, PO and SA however the stock is not segregated by revision level so in MMBE you will not see this revision level, nor will the stock be separated by revision level.

A material can indeed have multiple revision levels assigned mostly in increasing sequence. Only one revision level can be the active.

Here is the instruction how it possible to delete material revision level from change or delete change permanently:

  1. Transaction CCUNDO – undo the changes against change number to be deleted.
  2. Transaction  CC12 – delete the revision level for material.Delete C revision level.
  3. Transaction  CC02 – delete the object management record for material.

Also possible to delete all material revision levels useing Functional Module:


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