Error message during GI posting “Message No. M7146” note 305582

Error message during GI posting:  EKPO-SOBKZ=E; EKPO-UMSOK=_; EKPO-KZBWS<>_ EKPO-KZVBR<>E (Note 305582) not supported (check your entry).
Message No. M7146

GI Posting is not possible.

Root cause:
This is standard SAP behavior which is related to field Individual/coll. in material master data MRP4 view.


  1. Delete Delivery
  2. Delete according PO Item
  3. Change 'Individual/coll.' to blank on MRP4 tab
  4. Create a new PO Item
  5. Create a new Delivery

How to check if a new PO or OBD will not have similar issue:
Field EKPO-KZVBR, in a new PO should be empty


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