Configuration of Sales Document Types SAP SD

Order Types represent business scenarios and are mostly selected by the user when creating the sales document. Sales Documents Types is a 2 character indicator.

Sales documents types are used in:

  • Pre – sales activities (inquiry /quotation).
  • Sales Order.
  • Sales Contract.
  • Customer Complaint.

Sales Document types are configured at:
IMG: Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Documents > Sales Document Header > Define Sales Document Types — transaction VOV8

Lets look at settings for Order type OR (Standard Order).

This screen have multiple section as above:
1) Number System
There are two method for define no. range for Sales Document:

  • Internal Assignment – This assignment works internally and number for sales document generate automatly.
  • External Assignment – This assignment works externally. e.g. in below picture number start from 02.

2) General Control
Enter value in Check credit limit / Credit group / Output application field from possible value list / check Item Division / Read info record.

3) Transaction Flow

  • Enter value in screen sequence grp. / transaction group / document pricing procedure.
  • Enter value in field Display range  / Fcode / quotation msg.  / Outline agreement msg.

4) Scheduling Agreement
5) Shipping

  • Enter value in delivery type filed  from possible list entry.
  • Enter ship cost info profile from possible list entry.

6) Billing
7) Requested Delivery Date
8) Contract
9) Availability Check


Create Internal No. Range for sales document type.

IMG: Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Documents > Sales Document Header > Define Number Ranges for Sales Documents — transaction VN01


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