Material Number Format in SAP

Goto IMG path>Logistic general>Material Master>Basic settings>Define output format of article Numbers

or directly check in Tcode: OMSL

or see table  V_TMCNV  in transaction SM30. (more…)


Calendar in SAP

Well the concept of Calendar is important and exhaustive in nature and Calendars in SAP are basically used to define the working days for plants/warehouses, shipping points. They are also in fact assigned to routes in logistics stream area or unloading points at Customers. For the accurate calculation of date, calendar in SAP have to be maintained & assigned correctly. For all exceptions requirement, an additional factory calendar might be necessary like for example if the production produces on all days, but shipping is done only on working days. Then the plant can have a different calendar than the shipping point. (more…)


AceStream on Linux

To run Ace Stream Engine you need to install some dependencies, download a tarball and unpack it in any folder you want. After that engine can be run from that folder with simple shell script included in the package. (more…)