Public Holidays in Poland in 2017

This page contains a national calendar of all 2017 public holidays in Poland.


Day Holiday
01-01-2017 Sunday New Year's Day
06-01-2017 Friday Epiphany
16-04-2017 Sunday Easter Sunday
17-04-2017 Monday Easter Monday
01-05-2017 Monday Labour Day
03-05-2017 Wednesday Constitution Day
04-06-2017 Sunday Pentecost Sunday
15-06-2017 Thuersday Corpus Christi
15-08-2017 Tuesday Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
01-11-2017 Wednesday All Saints' Day
11-11-2017 Saturday Independence Day
25-12-2017 Monday Christmas Day
26-12-2017 Tuesday 2nd Day of Christmas

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